Intelligent Call Solutions

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Save money and increase profitability by re-routing your incoming calls to any destination so that your customers can always get through.

Green Minute Calls

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Catering for ever-demanding environmental, CSR and suppliers policies whilst maintaining our low prices.

Conference Calls

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Our cost effective call conferencing service is a simple way to support the ‘Drive 5 miles less a week’ campaign from

Broadband Services

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Turn your office 'green' with an offsite hosted server. All the capabilities of an on-site server but no maintenance or electricity costs.

Price Promise

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We don't expect our customers to pay more for 'green' communications. We take great pride in our Price Promise.

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Broadband Services

Green BroadbandThe Dial Green Broadband range of services has been developed as a cost effective and robust set of products. Also because they are Dial Green products they are carbon neutral.

As part of our broadband range, Dial Green can also provide off-site backup services from an individual PC up to a network of computers and servers. These backup services can be used to backup emails as well as files and documents on individual PC’s. This can all be monitored online using a secure log on. We also offer an opportunity to further secure and ‘green’ your office with off-site hosted server. This provides all the capabilities of an on-site server but with the benefit of having not having maintenance or electricity costs. The off-site server is also housed in a highly secure building.


Carbon Neutral Business Class Broadband

All of our broadband products are carbon neutral

Our broadband products are now also carbon neutral.This is the latest step in a commitment to greener working practices for our broadband network.

Audited and approved by The Carbon Neutral Company, this milestone represents a key part of our drive to reduce the environmental impact of the broadband business. The carbon footprint was measured on an extensive range of factors from electricity consumption through business travel and deliveries to commuting by employees. Although many organisations do not take the carbon cost of commuting on board when calculating carbon emissions, it accounts for a significant proportion of any company's CO2 outputs.



Single PC Backup
PC Backup provides an automatic off-site backup facility for all your documents, files and emails.

Network Server Backup
Server Backup provides all the benefits of PC Backup. Multiple computers on a network can be backed up.
Also the Server Backup would be able to restore your file permissions and your email contacts.

The backup products remove the need to manually backup your files. It can be set-up to automatically backup your files at a time that suites you. The backup location is highly secure which also acts as a disaster recovery solution as the files can be restored using any internet connection and to any other computer at the click of a button. This also saves space on backup storage within your office/systems memory.


Hosted Servers

We can provide access to an on-line server to meet your business needs. This can be used to save shared documents and file as well as programmes as per a traditional server. The space we can provide is from 18GB up to 288GB and all in between. All Hosted Server products include a firewall, 5 useable static IP’s and are constantly monitored for efficiency and security.

We can provide servers supporting either Windows based systems or Linux based systems. Also in various specifications – memory speeds etc.

Hosted Servers eliminate the need for expensive on-site equipment as well as the maintenance and up-keep that goes with them. All information and programmes that are kept on the server is highly secure. Because these are Dial Green products they are also environmentally kind. The servers can be ordered and provisioned within a few working hours to ensure there is minimal impact on your business.



SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
SIP is a method of enabling your existing telephone network fo VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Because your system is using VoIP there is no need to have the same traditional lines connected to your system and so eradicates the monthly line rental. The SIP system uses a broadband connection in order to carry calls and so only requires one single line.