Intelligent Call Solutions

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Save money and increase profitability by re-routing your incoming calls to any destination so that your customers can always get through.

Green Minute Calls

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Catering for ever-demanding environmental, CSR and suppliers policies whilst maintaining our low prices.

Conference Calls

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Our cost effective call conferencing service is a simple way to support the ‘Drive 5 miles less a week’ campaign from

Broadband Services

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Turn your office 'green' with an offsite hosted server. All the capabilities of an on-site server but no maintenance or electricity costs.

Price Promise

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We don't expect our customers to pay more for 'green' communications. We take great pride in our Price Promise.

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Our Green Minutes Service

This is about cost, quality and service. Every minute Dial Green provides is green. To cut the cost of talking we can provide your lines and calls across a wide variety of connection methods. Whatever connection you have, you can benefit from competitive call rates and line rental charges, combined with a full UK based support service.

Green Minutes calls information please click here.

Dial Green provides a range of line types and line service features designed to help maximise the communication efficiency of your business.
Whether you require a new installation for an existing site or business expansion at a new site, our dedicated support team will manage the process for you leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Transferring your lines to Dial Green is easy, there's no disruption to your service and it is completely FREE. In most cases you can keep your existing numbers and maintain any services that you have on your line. Digital lines offer high performance voice and data services, their digital technology gives you exceptional line quality. More than one number can be allocated to digital lines i.e. DDI’s (Direct Dial Inwards).

Green Minutes Line types and Benefits information please click here.

Green Minutes Line services information please click here.

Dial Green Home Worker Service is an efficient, cost effective way to manage, control and allocate telephone call charges. All business calls made will appear on the main company bill under the description you require. This service helps control costs and saves time by eliminating the requirement to process expense claims from home workers making business calls.

Homeworker service information please click here.